BIO67 transforms stool testing

BIO67 transforms stool testing and improves efficiency in their lab

The BD MAX™ System has a real
impact on patient management.
For us, it is also the guarantee
that doctors and patients are
fully satisfied.
Dr. Jean-Marc Rousée, BIO67
0 hours to obtain results
(versus 48-72 hours)*
0 fewer cultures plates
needed each year*

Challenges Challenges

The laboratories used conventional culture methods, which are complex and time-consuming to analyse stool samples for enteric bacteria. A lengthy time to result was frustrating for the clinicians when 90% of their results were negative.

Objective Objective

To automate their enteric testing workflow with a molecular approach to improve accuracy, performance and cost-effectiveness.

Solution Solution

The staff at BIO67 completely transformed the way they carry out enteric testing by utilising the BD MAX™ system and the BD MAX™ enteric solutions portfolio.

They were able to improve laboratory performance by ensuring same-day results. With the new system, they were able to deliver accurate, relevant and trustworthy results.


With the BD MAX™ solution, BIO67 was able to improve their detection of enteric pathogens, increase patient satisfaction, provide same-day results, and save on storage and waste-management costs.

Bio 67
BIO67 is a network of over 30 medical laboratories in Strasbourg, France and the surrounding area. Their microbiology laboratories carry out bacteriology, parasitology, mycology and molecular biology testing.1

*BD internal data on file.

1. BIO67 Laboratoires d’analyses de biologie médicale. Accessed on 31 December 2018, at