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Institut de Pathologie de Paris

improved performance and reduced costs in cervical cancer screening
Two years after the implementation of the BD solution, we have met all our objectives: the automation was set, growth is ongoing, productivity has increased, and the traceability ensures the safety of the sampling process. Our problems are solved.
Dr. Camilo Adem, Institut de Pathologie de Paris
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Challenges Challenges

The previous testing methods used at the Institut de Pathologie de Paris involved a lot of hands-on time and manual labour, leading to staff dissatisfaction and increased costs. Co-screening with HPV genotyping alongside cytology was not possible, and the tests did not differentiate clinically relevant conditions.

With the availability of HPV vaccines, detecting persistent infections and those genotypes not covered by the vaccine have presented new challenges.

Objective Objective

To find an automated system allowing HPV genotyping combined with cytology, that was traceable, provided fewer false negatives and could help attain the ISO 15189 accreditation.

Solution Solution

The BD SurePathTM Liquid-based Pap test, processed using the BD TotalysTM MultiProcessor and SlidePrep, is designed to improve the quality of sample collection and processing. The result is an increased detection of CIN2+, lower ASCUS/SIL ratio and a drop in the rate of unsatisfactory slides to 0.3%1. These solutions also enable the automation of cell-enrichment and slide staining.

The BD FocalPoint™ GS Imaging System is the only system with an FDA-approved claim of a statistically significant increase in detection of cervical cancer (24.5%) and its precursor conditions (19.6% HSIL+, 9.8% LSIL+ and 9.2% ASC-H+) over manual screening. In addition, the system provides up to a 31% increase in slides screened per day compared to manual review2.

The BD Onclarity™ HPV assay on the BD Viper™ LT System allows extended HPV genotyping for patient risk stratification. It uses a DNA based test (E6/E7 target) and includes a β-globin internal control to ensure the presence of a sample.


The partnership with BD has delivered an efficient solution that includes both HPV screening and cytology, in addition to complete and personalised care management.

This solution enabled the Institut de Pathologie de Paris to get the ISO 15189 accreditations through an optimal process and has also resulted in increased staff satisfaction.

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The Institut de Pathologie de Paris is a leading French centre for cervical cancer screening and HPV genotyping, that specialises in the histology of breast, skin, GI and urological tissues. It has a staff of 9 pathologists and 20 technicians headed by Dr. Camilo Adem.

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